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I am a Steeler fan, who lives in Cleveland. I am a Cavalier fan, who lives in Cleveland. I hate no team, not the Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, New England Patriots, or Dallas Cowboys, more than I despise the Miami Heat. These two teams could be the biggest rivalry in the NBA in the next 6 years. I really hope the Cavs lay out LeCon Shames, Dwayne Wade, and Bosh a few times before the season ends. I would rather have the Cavs go 8-74 and have the Heat NOT win the championship, than to have them win out, going 53-29, and making the playoffs, culminating in a Heat championship. My parents lived/grew up in Pittsburgh (mom just outside the city, father over in Brighton Heights), but I have lived in the Akron-Cleveland area since '99, nearly half of my life. I went to the rival high school of St. VIncent-St. Mary. I knew this guy was gonna be huge. I bought Cavs apparel, attended several Cavs games, and fully expected them to win the title from 2007-2009. LeBron James quit on the city. He backstabbed his whole area. I realize that many on here haved lived in PIT their whole life, but I don't understand the hatred of the Cavs.

Go Steelers! Beat the Ravens!
Go Cavaliers! Beat....anyone!
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