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Default Re: Ravens then Pats is the perfect path

Originally Posted by bobby jr View Post
If Pittsburgh goes through Baltimore, then New England, then Atlanta or Green Bay, I will say they earned the championship through a very tough road. Not as difficult as the one the Ravens face, but still a tough one. And I'll say the best team won. (I won't be so sure if somehow they beat the Ravens then somehow their last two opponents are the Jets at Heinz, and 7-9 Seattle in the Super Bowl. But that is quite unlikely to happen, starting with them beating the Ravens)

Unlike last time when the Steelers beat 8-8 San Diego then 9-7 AZ in the Super Bowl. That year the Ravens were the best team the Steelers faced in the post season.
You too...your pathetic rhetoric is getting old. All you do is repeat yourself. I think we've all had just about enough.

If you actually came here to discuss football, I would be more than willing to oblige...but you've done nothing but repeat the same homer garbage over, and over and over again.

I don't know how you expect people here to react to it...I know if I went to a Rats board and acted like a homer idiot there, I'd be laughed and mocked at to no end.

So go back, and join your fellow Rats fans and suck each other off for all I care. You've worn out your welcome here.
Look at these eyebrows. These are attack eyebrows! They could take off bottle caps!
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