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Default Re: Good luck from Baltimore

Thank God. Not another Boob Jr.

Appreciate the well wishes, even though I know you don't really mean it.
It should be a great game. I think both fan bases are really looking forward to this one. I can't believe it's only Tuesday. This work week is draaaaggggging.
I would have preferred we avoid the Ravens, since I felt we were already 1 up on them this year by beating them in December and winning the division, but it looks like we gotta lace em up 1 more time.
For Ravens fans, I think it's another chance at finally getting that big signature win against their nemesis and for Steeler fans, I think it's like winning a 12 round fight 7 rounds to 5, then being told they're going to extend the fight to 15 rounds. I think we have the slight upper hand with history, home field, and bye week, but having to win again will be a daunting task.
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