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Default Re: A Polamalu Moment

Originally Posted by lionslicer View Post
This would only work if the center snapped it slow or high and awkward.

To out run a snapped ball is hard enough, but because of the angle at which the ball is snapped and the angle at which Troy must jump over the guard, it would be a billion to one shot.

And the Refs are usually shocked when Troy makes those leaping over the pile tackles. You can bet that one of those times he was actually offsides but the refs just were too stunned to notice lol.

I'd love to see in the AFC championship game, Troy jumping over and smacking Brady when he tries to do a QB sneak.
But, but, but ... he's superman! He can leap tall buildings in a single bound ... so why can't he do this? I heard he's so fast that he ran around the world and slapped himself in the back of the head.
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