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Default Re: Michaels leads Steelers pep-rally, towel wave

Originally Posted by CaliStillersFan View Post
My bad, I don't judge talent by sales. You sound like wife trying to justify that top 40 is actually music because they sell albums. :) I stopped listening to mass produced garbage in the 80's when they replaced musicians with pretty faces. The hair band era was the beginning of the end of music industry.
You said he was barely popular. That's not true. Now you're talking about musical talent. What you should have said is that he was never very good, or very talented, or you never really liked his music, because it's pretty clear now that's what you meant.

If you want to discount the guy's musical ability, you'll certainly get no argument from me. Poison was 90% image, 10% music.

I never said, implied, or sounded like anyone saying that top 40 is actually music because of sales. I don't believe that, so why would I say it?

And if you think they didn't start replacing musicians with pretty faces until the 80's, you're about 20 years off. Try the early 60's.
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