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Default Re: Why is Julian Assange un-American?

Originally Posted by zulater View Post
While I know this country is flawed, I accept that, because I also know that in the end it usually serves the greater good.
IMHO that's a pretty naive statement. When our government starts illegal wars, dominates the majority of the countries financially and militarily on the planet, controls most countries resources, crashes global financial markets; they should expect that some people are going to do whatever they have to do to get people the information. If you think what Manning and Wkileaks released is bad you need to see a movie called:

The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers

Younger American's especially should this movie. This is what it used to be like before 95% of the world media was controlled by 5 or 6 corporations. What Manning and Wikileaks released wasn't anything comparable to the release of the Pentagon Papers and Daniel Ellsberg is an American that worked in the Pentagon. The Pentagon Papers was the pre-cursor that lead to Watergate and brought down a presidency. When someone is willing to risk going to prison for over 100 years, trust me they have something important to say. People died because of the release of the Pentagon Papers, but how many more peoples lives were saved by ending the illegal war in Vietnam? All Americans need to stop listening to media rhetoric telling them how great we are, and open a history book. Then they would realize some of the vile things we've done around the world since WW2. Personally I applaud Wikileaks and all other websites like them, I actually see them as "serving the greater good". I wish the American public spent the amount of time we do watching football reading sites like Wikileaks, asking questions, and searching for the truth. I think we'd be living in a much better world, at least a safer one.
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