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Default Re: Good luck from Baltimore

Originally Posted by StainlessStill View Post
Who cares, I stopped listening to all of the pre-game stuff. I get so fired up I can't even listen or read writeups anymore but Cowher picked the Steelers to finish last the past couple years so I don't buy in what they say. Believe it or not, the Ravens are the darling of the media when it comes to the NORTH, every critic always picks the Ravens to go to the Super Bowl or has that advantage over Pittsburgh, including next week. All we hear is how dominant the Ravens are, Flacco and Ray Lewis when the Steelers just kick that ass every year when it counts.
You win the games, but the games since Flacco has come into the league have hardly been ass kickings lol. It digs at us that we can't beat you when it counts, and if it's going to ever happen for Lewis, Reed, Mason and a few other old guys, it's this Saturday. Which is why it can't come soon enough for either side.
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