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Default Poo pooing the Ravens not legit

I have spoke to a lot of Steeler fans who say things like "Balt.
isn't that tough. They beat a really bad KC team who had nothing
to offer. They should have lost to Cinci and barely beat the Browns.
I don't think they are that good. Pgh is much better and should win
fairly easy."

I do not agree. Not at all. First of all, they exposed KC as a limited
team, as had Oakland had done a week before. KC is horrible if
they have to complete passes downfield. And once Balt. made them
have to do so, they were exposed as impotent in the passing game.
All KC could really do was run and do screen passes. Balt. made
them listless but it takes a good D to make them so. KC showed
they could beat teams this year, but they were limited.

As far as barely beating Cinci or Cleveland, a win is a win. And
inter-division match ups are often close.

I feel Balt. is a good team. A team capable of beating Pgh. I still
give Pgh a slight edge, but either team could realistically win this
game. It will most likely be a fist fight like usual.

Flacco is playing well, Rice is good, Heap is healthy and proving
very productive again, Boldin is a factor, and Ray Lewis is
still Ray Lewis, 35 or not; he is still making a difference, hitting
opponents, causing fumbles, etc.

I am glad the Steelers themselves are not taking Balt. lightly as
some of my buddies are.
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