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Default Re: Poo pooing the Ravens not legit

Originally Posted by Fastandfaster17 View Post
The Ravens are a very good team, and are hungry to beat us in the playoffs.

Just read this stat:
Since 1970 the steelers are 8-0 in the playoffs against division opponents and 2-0 against the ravens.

They want to beat us, its going to be a hard hitting game

More than anything though I think its being hyped up as a hard game, when really it will be Ben and Joe who will win this game on finesse and passing. Neither team has ever been able to run on one another, ray rice is getting all his yards through the quick check down up the middle, and mendenhall has had very little production against the ravens. This game is going to come down to our secondary shutting them down, and Ben having enough time to find our receivers...which should mean that you should be looking for sanders and brown to step it up this week.

First time poster, sorry if it was to long.

Lets go kick some raven ass.
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