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Default Re: Poo pooing the Ravens not legit

Originally Posted by StainlessStill View Post
Dude, you're something else. Where the hell did you come from? Very odd to see a respectful Birdie fan come into here. If you're not playin and phonying on us, then you're welcome here anytime. Seriously, it's always good to talk football, esp rivarly football to the ones to take it seriously out of respect. I kind of feel dirty not yelling at you! haha.

Rock on dude and may your team lose! ;)
It's not worth talking smack. I talked smack, especially in '06 when we got our asses kicked by Indy, so I don't do it much anymore. I'd rather talk good football with a rival team than come here and bash for a day, and then leave. I'm not playing you, don't worry haha. Just stay for a day on our forums, and see some of the ridiculous people that come for one day to talk shit and then are never heard from again. Like I've said, there are some ridiculously respectful Steeler fans that I can actually have a conversation with, so I guess maybe it rubbed off?
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