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Default Re: Poo pooing the Ravens not legit

Originally Posted by bdravens View Post
Definitely. I've gone on other team's boards before games, but its not the same as a rival's board, so I thought i'd test it out haha.
I'd like to echo what Stainless Steel said, you represent your fanbase well and that's so refreshing. Good, intelligent, thought out posts...who knew, lol! Welcome.

I also would like to echo the thoughts of it being a GREAT game on Saturday, I think the best of the whole weekend. All you hear about is the Pats/Jets and Steelers/Ravens...not too much about the NFC at all. Who cares tho, they're boring. And as far as the Jets/Pats, LOL, I don't even see that one being close. Our game is gonna be the one to watch, as always! So with that in mind I will say right now if the Steelers lose Saturday, I will root for the Ravens t\o beat the Pats, I don't care if it's by 1 point or 20, just do it. I may not like the Ravens, but I respect the franchise. Can't say the same for the Pats...not one ounce of respect for that team.
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