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Default Re: Hines Ward: Ravens-Steelers rivalry 'is pure hatred'

Time to get out the old picture of the Chief smokin his big ole fat ceeegar... The very one I displayed in my car as I drove up to da Burgh for the past two superbowls. There is more talk her in Balti Suck where I work, (Live in York, PA) than I can remember. The ratbirds are talking smack more than I can ever remember. They say they're ready, they say they're better, they are looking for additional motivation in anything that moves, any sports beat writer that exaggerates any story, any comment. Sounds like desperation.....

They are looking at this playoff game as revenge from years of Bullying, from the City of Pittsburgh. From the Piates (They used to have a team) to the Penguins (Ratbirds like the Crapitals as loosers stick together in the same cell) to our Mighty Stillers....

They think their 12-4 record is superior to ours. I say Ben has their number and they can yell Rapistberger all they want. We have the difference maker QB.

Big brother is still boss....or should I say "Chief"
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