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Default Re: How are you feeling?

Originally Posted by SteelKnight View Post
What cheered me up is a stat like Ben winning his last 6 games against the Ravens. It seems like Ben has the Ravens number like Brady has our number. Also we've won 7 of the last 9 at home (and that's including the loss this year with Batch) against the Ravens.

I can't wait! If we lose, we need to grab some a couple of free agents to get better...not just hope we can be a brand new team with the draft. One or 2 OL or CB FA might be in order.
Yeah, considering this team is aging pretty uniformly. We'll probably need some free agents to balance things out till the drafted talent gets adjusted and in place.

I dunno, hope we win. Not nervous about the game though or anything. I just think personally feel the need to acknowledge, our Superbowl hopes from this week forward are all up hill... Ravens, probably Patriots. And then Packers or Falcons most likely. Its gonna be tough, but hella fun to watch. So I can't wait.
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