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Default Re: How are you feeling?

Originally Posted by TOOLofSTEEL View Post
Yeah, considering this team is aging pretty uniformly. We'll probably need some free agents to balance things out till the drafted talent gets adjusted and in place.

I dunno, hope we win. Not nervous about the game though or anything. I just think personally feel the need to acknowledge, our Superbowl hopes from this week forward are all up hill... Ravens, probably Patriots. And then Packers or Falcons most likely. Its gonna be tough, but hella fun to watch. So I can't wait.
They did say the Steelers are the oldest

Well...we are set as far as LBs both inside and out. Too bad we had so many we lost one to SF.

We have some young talented receivers in the 3 amigos (60 min, The Colonel, and Downtown).

Our RB is only 23.

Our QB is young enough and good for another 8 years. We can start looking for his replacement in 5 years.

Pouncey is young.

So the oldies are the D-line, CBs and The rest of O-line while not that old could be better while even though our safeties are old, I say we ride them for another 3 years before we worry (unless a BPA falls into our lap). Personally, i'd rather wait a few years then use a #1 pick on a safety...get a top flight one...maybe on one of our bad years.

With CB, Crezdon Butler might have some talent. I wish there was a developmental league where we could send Butler and Lewis to keep up/develop their skills.

With D-line, I say we wait until 2012 draft reason being, I like both Hampton and Hoke and there is no room on the active Roster for 3 NTs. The 2 of them should be able to cover the 2011 season. I'm not afraid. I even think Hampton can go 2 more seasons so in the 2012 season, we can work the rookie in whenever Hampton is tired. It'll be fine. For DE, I think they should again wait until 2012 (unless they find a decent one in the 3rd round or later). The reason is Smith and Keisel will be back and Hood will be there too so really it would just be a rush to replace Eason. The player wouldn't be starting and would b in 4th position so let's not waste a 1st or 2nd on that person.

If we can find an OT in the draft, great. I hope we keep Hotel for another season. I would like the Steelers to for once take the top LT available in Free agency if a top young one is available. Next use the first pick on Mike Pouncey to replace Kemo.
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