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Default Re: Obama considers Internet ID for Americans in bid to boost web security

Originally Posted by Wallace108 View Post
I'll watch the videos, but I'm the last person you need to convince, MoP. I've argued for a long time that both parties have sold us out. I'm a conservative (in philosophy), but I have no more love for Republicans than I do Democrats. My RL friends always get on me because I don't vote. I don't see the point in voting R or D when either one will be controlled by the same people once they get elected. And it's not just politicians who have sold us out. The media is just as culpable. They've convinced us that the economic crisis is a result of banks and Wall Street. But all you have to do is look at who owns the largest media corporations to realize that they might have a vested interest in the message being sent out.
wallace the media , the banks, and the politicians are all controlled by the same masters. the videos i've offered connects all the dots . everything is just explained a little to well to be a conspiracy theory. at least it offers up an explaination to all the unanswered questions that people have , which is more than our government is willing to do.
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