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Default Re: Obama considers Internet ID for Americans in bid to boost web security

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
wallace the media , the banks, and the politicians are all controlled by the same masters. the videos i've offered connects all the dots . everything is just explained a little to well to be a conspiracy theory. at least it offers up an explaination to all the unanswered questions that people have , which is more than our government is willing to do.
I'll definitely watch the videos (not tonight ). But quite honestly, I don't think you need someone to hold your hand and lead you to the truth. It takes nothing more than common sense. Like you alluded to ... when Obama was running against Hillary, he hammered her on NAFTA and other trade agreements that were passed during the Clinton presidency. Obama said, if elected, he'd revisit all the trade agreements. Well, he's been elected. The economy still sucks. We've been told that they're focusing on jobs. When is he going to get around to looking at those trade agreements? And why isn't the media calling him out on it? I don't think you need to connect the dots. The dots pretty much connect themselves.
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