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Default Re: How are you feeling?

Originally Posted by Ravens Den View Post
Thats funny because i thought the samething. I went from 50/50 to 0 %. OK nevermind im wrong ill give THE STEALERS 1.8% chance of WINNING.

Im not saying GOOD LUCK to you guys because i know it would be a cold day in hell if anyone on this board would say the same. I cant blame you guys though, the feeling is mutual.
I think the ONLY thing us as RAVENS FANS AND STEELERS FANS can agree on is we have the BEST rivalries in not only the NFL but in ALL of sports.
So little you know. Ratbird fans who come into the forum with class are treated with class. It all starts with your initial approach. I will say that I hope we have a game with no serious injuries on either side of the ball.

As for the poll, I voted 80% likely to win. I think we are peaking at the perfect time and Buttimore is running out of steam. Their last game against the Bungholes showed it.
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