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Default Re: On the Steelers: Change in delivery pays off for Roethlisberger

Good read, Mesa! I saw the same thing Atlanta Dan saw. Coach T's not missing Skippy at all and neither am I. Even if Sushi misses a field goal in the playoffs, we've got to keep in mind there's no guarantee Reed would have made it either the way he was playing. I wish Reed the best and thank him for his great past service to the team, but it was definitely time to move on. His increasing FG misses, short kickoffs, attitude and off the field issues were too much to overlook any further. If we had retained him, we might not have made the playoffs with some of the close games we had and most certainly may not have won the division.

I have noticed Ben's interceptions have dropped and he seems to be getting rid of the ball quicker. The suspension was a blessing in disguise. It seems to have straightened Ben's personal life out, given him time to improve his game and motivated him more. Thankfully, the team didn't suffer record-wise during the suspension either, which was a huge bonus.

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