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Default Re: KEEP THIS IN MIND!!!

Wutchy, you're so full of shit. The only reason the Bills game was close was because of the horrendous officiating and a Rashard Mendenhall fumble. How many positive plays did the Steelers lose because of holding? And the only way the Bills managed to get back in the game to begin with was because of the roughing the passer call on James Harrison. And I know the Steelers probably earend some of those holding calls, but the reason I don't find them valid is because the game was officated so one sided. Not one hold against the Bills? You say you rewatched that game, well so did I, and James Harrison was flagrantly held at least 4 times with no call.. And what about the no calls when Ben was roughed up after the whistle? I'm not much for conspriracy theories, but this game took place when the Steelers were embroiled with the league and their new rules policies, I honestly think the league was sending a message to the Steelers to shut up or else, by the way this and a couple other games were officated.

Maybe not? But regardless, the Bills would have been blown out by the Steelers with down the middle officating.

As for the dolphins game, they got the ball back with plenty of time to score. If they were better than us they would have scored. I have little doubt if that fumble would have been ruled the other way the Steelers would have forced the Phins to punt from inside their 10, and we would have got the ball back with enough time and good enough field position to win anyway.

That contraversial fumble was not the last play of the game!!
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