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Default Re: How are you feeling?

I picked %100. Reason being we seem to have the ravens number with Ben at Q. Reminds me of Oilers/Steelers in the 70's. The ravens did a great job last week, but I attribute that to KC self destructing as much as anything. The intentional grounding call against Cassel in the 3rd was the beginning of the end.
Kc tried to cover Heap with a LB and with Berry at times. Berry isn't in Troy's (or Reed's) class and we have Timmons They also had no answer for Rice leaking out of the backfield and were not good tacklers, something I am sure we will answer.
This all being said, according to the so called experts the Steelers have no chance, so they may as well just lie down and give the game to the Ratbirds.......Wait a minute......that's why they lay the game and it seems to me every time we play Baltimore when the game actually means something (division on the line or playoffs) WE WIN!!!!

Yep %100 we will win!!!!

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