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Default Re: Poo pooing the Ravens not legit

Both fanbases need to lay off the poo-pooing.

As already said by OP, The Rats are a good team. Yeah, they feasted on a inexperienced KC team last week, but that's what they should have done. Kansas City was a Cinderella team that caught lightning and promptly got smoked by the experienced Ravens.

But, at the same time, we've been hearing a lot and hype out in Baltimore, poo-pooing the Steelers and their accomplishments. We didn't beat any good teams, We got lucky last time, the Steelers aren't that good, etc. Confidence is one thing, but in a series so evenly matched like Steelers/Ravens, it's a total crapshoot.

That said, I predict something different about this game. This next Steelers/Ravens battle is not going to be decided by three points or less. I say one of these teams will win handily Saturday. Who? We'll just have to find out.
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