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Default Re: I want to congratulate Steeler Fans

Originally Posted by Footballjunkie View Post
I'm new to posting, but I browse all the boards all the time and the Steeler fans are by far the most knowledgeable interesting there are (along with Pats fans). They aren't just a bunch of ra ra yahoos. The Colts and Jets fans are by far the worst.
Good Luck Steelers. Steelers vs. Patriots in the AFCCG.
Worst in what way? Colts and Jets fans seem like they would be complete opposites.

I visited a Colts board after their loss to the Jets, and hardly anybody was even complaining. They're a bunch of pansies. They were just appreciative of another good playoff season.

Jets fans could find something to complain about a 45-0 Super Bowl victory.

Welcome to the Board!
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