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Default Steelers’ Scott not talking about Suggs

Steelers’ Scott not talking about Suggs
Frank Tadych

Published: January 13th, 2011 | Tags: Jonathan Scott, AFC

The talk amongst the AFC teams in the divisional playoffs has been dialed up all week, a great thing in the blogosphere. Rex Ryan, Antonio Cromartie, Tom Brady and Terrell Suggs have all played their part.

To know one’s surprise, Suggs has been the most vocal. Immediately following Sunday’s wild-card win over the Chiefs, Suggs said it’s personal between the cities of Baltimore and Pittsburgh. On Monday, he described their matchups as “Armageddon” (a slight exaggeration). We can’t verify what he said on Tuesday, but yesterday he sent a message with a controversial T-shirt.

Meanwhile, in Pittsburgh, Jonathan Scott has had about enough of the Suggs’ talk.

“To let you know, if you are going to be talking about [expletive] Terrell Suggs, I have nothing to talk about,” Scott told a reporter, per the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

The Ravens move Suggs around on defense, but Scott is one of the men most responsible for stopping him. In their meeting a month ago, Suggs was credited with five tackles (three for a loss), along with five quarterback hits and 1.5 sacks. The replays show Scott wasn’t responsible for either sack, as Suggs’ solo sack when lined up on his side was the result of a tackle/end stunt.

Scott doesn’t want to deal with Suggs off the field, but we’ll see how he deals with him on it.
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