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Default Re: Draft Day Predictions

A lot of people on here grilled me for "questioning" the Steelers FO.... quite the contrary actually... I trust the talent evaluation of the FO... I just hate to see them draft for need at the end of round 1 and make a stretch on guys....

Jamaine Stephens was a late round 1 pick ..... the 6 OT selected
Chad Scott was a late round 1 pick.... the 5 DB selected
Troy Edwards was a early/middle round 1 pick... the 3rd and final WR taken in round 1
Deon Figures was the 4th and final DB selected late in round 1

Obviously a few exceptions...
Charles Johnson middle/late round 1 pick... the 1st WR taken (but very weak WR draft that year... only 2 or 3 WR taken in first 40-45 picks
Casey Hampton middle/late round 1 pick... the 5 DT selected (unbelievable DT class including Seymore, Hampton and a slew of other above average DT's

I just dont want to see them stretch for a need pick at the end of round 1... I want them to identify their guy and make a serious bid to go get him.

If it were up to me Holmes is the best WR in the draft and could experience a slight draft day slide... it happens every year... Most mock drafts have him going anywhere from 12-18... if pick 18 or 19 rolls around and Holmes is there I would have no problem whatsoever with the Steelers sacrificing a sizeable chunk of this years 10 picks or even a pick or two from the 07 draft to move up and get him

But if the Steelers traded up to the around pick 20 (give or take 5 slots in either direction) and selected a LB or a OL, I would be just as happy... because I trust their talent eval.

Look at the reccent history of Steelers players who were among the first at their repsected positions to be selected:

Faneca - 1st OG selected in 98
Burress - 2nd WR selected
Miller - 1st TE drafted in 05
Ben - 3rd QB in 04
Polamalu - 1st S taken

When the Steelers are able to get one of the first few guys selected by position their batting average is amazing.... love to see it happen in 06!!!!
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