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Default Re: How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power

Originally Posted by lionslicer View Post
If they didn't change the constitution we'd still have slaves and woman couldn't vote lol.

And is this whole thread about saying republicans are Nazi's?
no it's about how certain facts about our politicians and the things that go on in this country and in the world , seems to go unreported in our media.
don't you find it strange that 2 of our presidents were neighbors and friends of the man that tried to kill a president ? coincidence ?
do you find it strange that 2 of our presidents were business partners with the family of a man that "supposedly" planned 9-11 ? coincedence ?
don't you find it strange that right after 9-11 , when no planes were supposed to be flying , a bunch of bin ladens family members were flown out of the US to saudi arabia ?
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