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Default Re: Draft Day Predictions

Coach, you are picking out players that didnt work out, which there are some ... but as put in a previous post, there are many players that are starting now or did start that were picked up after the first two rounds as well. Is a crap shoot. In the first i dont really see a need in moving up any because all we are looking for is depth at so many positions that we really cant go wrong. There are so many players that would benifit this team that will be available in the first 2 rounds. The third round is where i would possibly see us moving up where the talent starts to get a little more thin and possibly giving up a 4th in order to do so if there is a player there that we really want.

The thing is, I dont know WHO the Steelers really want or if they feel there is an immediate need anywhere. Some thinlk WR, some RB, some LB, Some DB/S, and of course other OL. I really have no idea where they are goingto go which is a little different than recent years where they were definately targeting a certain position. I am sure if they feel there is one, they will do so as they have done in recent past.
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