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Default Re: Draft Day Predictions

See how fluid the situation is, though? I was all over Mangold, now I'm laying off big time. I was thinking Holmes, but I'm hearing things about his ability to seperate that concern me.

I may be leaning towards a Safety in Rd 1 now, but I'm also hearing that Ryan Clark may actually be an upgrade over Hope because he's faster and has better tackling technique.

Back to Chad Jackson? Trade up and give away a pick (or 2 picks? Or a pick and a player?) for him? Then what? I really think that when you break it down, WR is the area with the most immediate need...but if you look at who the Steelers are looking at, it's RB's, G's OT's, Safety's and LB's, with only Demetrius Williams representing the WR position, but he's projected as a round 2 guy.

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