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Default Re: Biffle's girlfriend chews out Busch's fiancee

I saw Newman's comments during the race...Newman trying to be funny almost always fails...he goes too far, and has no sense of subtlety. I sincerely doubt that Sterling Marlin purposely wrecked Ryan Newman.

As for Busch's fiancee, she seemed to me to be WAY into herself...and I mean, we're talking attractive chicks who date rich guys, but she is WAAAAAAAAYYYYY into herself.

Kurt Busch is no prize, even after the plastic surgery, but I bet he could do better...I have a feeling that this bitch is the type to say "Ewww, Kurt! Like, No WAY will I put your **** in my mouth. Yuck! Now give me a thousand dollars so i can go buy a new shirt or I'll tell the press just how small it is!"
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