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Default Re: Balt @ Pitt Divisional Round Gameday Thread 1/15/11

Yeah but the bottom line is that Baltimore isn't dominating this game.

They got a TD from a Pop Warner mistake and then Mendenhall crashes into Kemo and loses the ball.

It's not as if Baltimore is putting together ten-minute drives and scoring. Deirdorf said it best; he wasn't sure if the crowd was stunned or angry. We have all the talent in the world to get this game back to even and it's as if everybody out there is walking around in a fog.

I don't mind getting beat by a team that controls the game but this is altogether different; we're just handing them this game on a silver platter. And the thing that really pisses me off is that if we lose, the Ratbird fans will be talking smack about domination when that's not the case at all.
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