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Default Re: The end of Aaron Smith?

Originally Posted by SmashmouthFootball View Post
Smith is certainly still a top-flight player who will play when healthy...HOWEVER..

Ziggy Hood will be a great instrument in helping extend Smith's career maybe another year or two and having a guy like Ziggy who is still developing and turning into a good player on that line is just a great position to be in going forward.

It's nice to see young guys developing well all over this team, it will really help us bridge our past success and super bowls over to the new generation with core foundation guys like Ben and Troy leading the way.
IDK. I wouldn't rush Smith Back. Even when he gets back, I would rotate them.

Ziggy redefined the position today. Let's see if he can keep it up. If he can, he'll be the starter.

The position is supposed to be to occupy linemen so the LBs can get in there for the sacks. Ziggy was often there and he made it so Flacco couldn't simply step up like he did last week.

The pass D is helped and the run D is good. Why not? Ziggy is a first round pick. he should b starting by now.

Basically, Ziggy continues to play like today, Smith will be a back up.

Not everybody plays well in rotation. Some get momentum and learn how to beat certain players as the game goes on.
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