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Default Re: Draft Day Predictions

Food for thought:
This late draft gem or "diamond in the rough" that many are wanting to spend a handful of middle/late round picks on to try and get.... a couple things to think about.
1. This is where the Steelers seperate themselves from many other NFL teams... the Steelers FO is just better at it than most - finding players mostly from middle/late rounds and turning them into starters in the future.
2. Most of the success stories we have in finding these "gems" did not contribute, other than special teams, until usually around their 3rd season.
3. So in order to see a big return on these late round steals, you have to stash them in the middle of your depth chart and give them time to mature and learn the pro game.... we cant stash too many of them with a nearly full roster.
Example - Hines Ward is a perenial pro bowler and he didnt contribute significantly in the passing game for a couple seasons.... It takes time.
4. So we wont know for sure by the end of camp who we "stole".
5. Hell, we have guys on the team right now who have not been starters in the NFL and we all love em and cant wait to see them get a shot as a starter (Kiesel, McFadden, Willie last year, etc)
6. The point is it takes time, like multiple seasons, to see a real return on late round steals (Kiesel is the perfect example).... even more to the point, usually you dont really know if they are a steal until much later on in their career.
7. Cowher doesnt like playing youngsters much anyway.... Troy P is arguably the best defender in the league and he couldnt sniff minutes when our safeties were lee flowers and mike logan!!!!!

We are going to have a hard time finding roster spots for all of the new late round gems those to develop a couple years.

I agree with Suit, I feel that WR is the one position where the hole in our depth chart lies closest to the starters.... Lee Mays, Nate Washington, Eugene Baker, Quincy Morgan, Walter Young... these are our only options to replace either of our starting WR's if an injury occured (and obviously in three WR sets)....

The nicest thing about our offensive production last year was not individual players specifically.... it was the balance of all our players production.... It helps our running game to have multiple passing options.... it helped a rookie TE in heath miller last year when he always had two legitimate threats at the WR position playing around him... I think we benefit way way more by adding a NFL ready WR, more than any other position on the field

The only WR that I see worthy of a round 1 selection is Holmes....
- Moss is not a good fit... he's got "the U" attitude & Rosenhaus as an agent
- Jackson scares me cause Florida WR's are not exactly proven commodities
- These are really only the three potential round 1 WR's
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