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Default (sarcasm) Ravens keep on getting screwed by refs

According to their fans, the Ravens have been screwed in ALL seven losses to Big Ben including ALL the playoff losses. In fact, they are 100% sure they would have won each and every one of those games if it were not for some refs call.

Post after post on their fan sites point towards this undeniable fact. Even former players like the well spoken and clear enunciating Shannon Sharpe cite this oddity.

I couldn't believe it myself. Wow, all seven! How can one team be so unlucky? They must have ticked someone off in the front office to keep on getting picked on. Or by pure chance, if we assume that one in 10 games are actually decided by a bad call, the odds of this happening to the ravens is one in ten million! How unlucky. Those poor fans. At least they have Baltimore. Thank God they live in such a safe city like Baltimore where the crime rate is soooo low.

Also, In all their games, their players did not make one mistake ... Not one! And their coaches never called a bad play ... Not one! Gosh darn it, if it weren't for those darn refs, they would be in 7 super bowls by now and won them all.

Wow, one in 10 million chance that this could happen to a team and it just happens to be the Ravens. Now why don't the announcers talk more about this rare stat?
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