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Default Re: (sarcasm) Ravens keep on getting screwed by refs

Originally Posted by JackHammer View Post
Lol, I hate to ruin the vibe here, but you obviously suffer from selective reading because their fans have been blaming everyone from the front office, to the coaches, to Flacco. So far, on the Baltimore Sun's Ravens forum I've seen Harbaugh called Scrubaugh; Flacco called Joe the Retard and Succo; Ozzie called a crackhead; the list goes on............
I know there are posts about getting rid of Flacco and Harbaugh but the inordinate amount of posts blaming the refs are mind boggling. You should see the game day thread. Every other is a "refs screwed us post".

But I've seen this when we beat the Seahawks and the cardinals as well. However, I don't see it a lot on this board when we lose.

They blame the refs so much I am surprised people still watch football in Baltimore. You know: fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. If they believe with so much heart that the refs will automatically screw them, then why watch...again?!?!

The truth is of course, they are just upset and need someone to blame and Refs are an easy easy target. The mark of a loser team is a fan base that constantly blames the refs.
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