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Default Re: (sarcasm) Ravens keep on getting screwed by refs

Originally Posted by Ravens Den View Post
i dont know what site your looking out, The Refs didnt help. it was the OFFENSE that gave you the game. im going to leave it at that. But hey its all good, you guys will get your ass handed to you from the pats.
R u fukcing stupid or do you just have a disability that prevents you from reading? You to ANY ravens message board and pick ANY message and you will see something about blaming the refs.

Even your apologists Shannon Sharpe and Chris Berman (so jealous of the Steelers as a Boy I Love Losing Superbowls fan) were whining about the refs.

Sorry dude, deny it all you want but your fan base has a bad habit of whining about the refs. Even your most respected beat writer Ken Van Valkenburg wrote this today in the Sun:

"I'll never, ever be one of those people who buy into this idea that the referees are screwing the Ravens. In fact, I hate that attitude. It reflects one of my least favorite things about Baltimore, this whiny belief that no one wants to see the city succeed, and that the failures of its sports teams are always someone else's fault. The Ravens lost this game because they had an epic meltdown on offense in the third quarter, not because of any one call made by the officials."

Can u read? Especially the part where he wrote "one of my least favorite things about Baltimore"?
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