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I just posted this on bungles line.
Title bungles are just pretenders

What gives your team the right to even have such a site. You are notorius for being in the basement with the rest of Ohio s teams. Your a bottom feeder. You friggin carps! You say that Plamer is the best qb in the division, because Boomer said so. Boomer sucks to. You guys are a joke. BEn will kick your asses for a long long time. You claim he choked. Choked where in the AFC championship as a rookie? Wow now thats a slam . Where was your shitty team, did they make it that far? Hell No. You guys are so friggin jealous its sickening. You wish you had half as many wins as we did last year. Palmer couldn`t win that many games in three years. I would love to take you guys down in person. Someone sell me a tix to the bungles / Steelers game in Cincy. And I`ll rub your face in our victory again, you embarrasing bunch of chumps.

Plan on seeing alot of me
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