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Default Re: (sarcasm) Ravens keep on getting screwed by refs

Read this piece of crap posted by some Raven's Fan:

I am not jealous or envioius. Your team sucks but has the refs in their pocket. That is the only way you win games along with more lucky breaks humanly possible. I really don't see that much talent on your team to win it all. Hell, the Packers, Ravens, Atlanta, NE and even the Jets on paper are much better. None of those teams need cheating refs, home games and lucky breaks to win.

The psychology of a Raven's Fan must be studied - I bet scientists can write paper after paper about it. Very similar to a 5 year old kid.

1. Its never your fault that something bad happens. it would be too severe to admit that you were not good enough. To compensate - some thing external needs to be identified as the cause. No matter how elaborate - if the pieces can somewhat fit, a story will be fabricated to ease your mind. For example: "The Steelers have paid off the league and the refs to that they guarantee that the Steelers always win" yes, that's the ticket. That explains why Boldin and TJ dropped the balls. That explains why the Cardinals defense allowed Ben and the Steelers to drive 90 yards for a winning TD. That explains why the Seahawks offense basically sucked in Super Bowl XL.

2. Not only is this fabricated story enough but in your feeble mind - you need to say (as a fact) that the Steelers are not really that good. You've even come up with a ranking system to sound intelligent in your argument. But the truth is that you really wish this was the truth. Just like an orphan that wishes he had real parents that were rich ... its just a dream, isn't it

So to summarize, a Raven's fan must use all these compensating mechanisms:

1. Denial - "I'm not jealous"
2. Anger - "your team sucks"
3. Fabrication - "has the refs in your pocket"
4. Selective Blindness - "I really don't see that much talent on your team"
5. Loss of reasoning - "...on paper are much better " - now when's the last time anyone in the NFL gave a flying fcuk about who was better on paper

I think changing loyalties to become a Steeler fan would be a nice cure for such individuals.
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