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OK Steelers Fans
Round 2 My post was as follows.

Now that I have your attention , you worthless scrotums. I`ll take everyone of you piece of craps on. There is no way in Hell that a pansy ass bungles fan can handle a man of steel. Tell me the last time your team did anything worth while? Just one thing. Why shouldn`t I call you guys bottom feeders, thats where you always end up, isn`t it? The only thing worse than a ass wipe Cincy fan is the stains up in Cleve, and the ratbirds in Balt. I will give you props for one thing you did hire the right coach, he is from Pittsburgh. As far as Ben not being able to carry Boomers jock, first of all you have to have a male tool to use a jock, Boomer I`m sure has none. Ben was only a rookie you bunch of smucks, in due time he will surpass any qb you`ve ever had. 15 wins as a rookie, WOW. Lookout you douche` bags.
If breathing were`nt an involuntary action, you would all be dead anyway.

Well I`ll probably leave them alone now, so they don`t come in here and try ruining our site. They sure didn`t show me much Love. But I did get 1 rep point. I`m doing better on there rep points than I am on ours. 1 Post 1 point
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