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Default Re: Sometimes I dont understand Steelers fans!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by j-dawg
i have charger friends out here who said i was crazy to go to oakland to watch the game. one friend told me about a chargers fan who got stabbed there. i guess it all depends on where you sit and the people around you. i sat on the visitors side with the browns backers... strength in numbers hehehe... this year i'm going to san d with my charger friends and siting on the home side. i'm sure i'll get ridiculed, but if you're in their home, you should expect nothing less. it sucks when you get the drunkards who wanna throw down. all my browns friends are always cool with the opponents fans. when it comes down to it, we're football fans, not soccer fans!!

i used to work at the jake back in cleveland and i remember this one time a group of drunk indians fans were swearing at this couple wearing their mariners jackets. a bunch of people, including myself, walked up to them and apologized for their actions. the guy said "there's always a few bad apples." you have to admit, there's some bad apples in the 'burgh too....
A few yes, of course, but in cleveland the majority at times, takes over, I think they are so tired of losing that they just get off on abusing more than winning. Of course not everyone. And the crowds are so much different nowadays, to many yuppies. As far as Indians fans abusing the Mariners, baseball smack is just lame anyway.
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