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Default Re: How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power

Originally Posted by TNewman41 View Post
There's also another part of the story to Nazi Germany they don't teach you in today's public school education(which is pretty much been propagandized by the United Nations and the NWO) - the elite bankers/Rothchilds/Rockefellers roles in it. Hitler was evil, yes, but like Obama, he was just a puppet for the shadow governments in this world. Ultimately, the bankers making a killing off of this war.

This is largely the big engineer for all of these wars in this world - MONEY.
Bingo. There was a lesson in Nazi Germany for the bankers and munitioners as well, as it turned out, where they got just the sort of fanatical political movement and government to fund endless war... but then lost control of the fanatics. Beautiful scene in the movie Cabaret that captures that moment.

And yet the lesson was lost, as they are once again hoping to install a fanatical right government here in the US. God help America.
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