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Default Re: Hello Steelers Fans

Originally Posted by PhantomJB93 View Post
Thanks for coming here for some discussion, no offense to your fanbase but a lot of (actually a vast majority of) Jets fans I come across are really arrogant trolls who are rude and refuse to have civilized discussions. Good to see there are exceptions

I'm really looking forward to this game and it should be a really good matchup, of course I will be rooting for my team but good luck to you as well
lol, every fan base has trolls. especially on the internet. I'm sure you guys have some too.
Thanks for the welcome. Should be an interesting game to watch

Originally Posted by Wallace108 View Post
Welcome, Jetsfan. I expect nothing less than a good, hard-hitting game. Should be fun.

My breakdown

QB - Advantage Steelers - Sanchez is playing great ball but big ben has 2 rings and has proven to be clutch in big games and is more experianced
O-line - Jets - steelers o-line is banged up and wasn't great to begin with. jets are only down 1 starter and have a top 5 o-line
RBs - Jets Greene and LT make a better duo then moore and mendenhall. also t-rich is still a stud at F
WRs/TEs - Slight advantage jets. This was a really tough one to call and i wouldn't fault anyone for taking the steelers. but BE and holmes are a very string duo and hines ward looks like he's slowing down. wallace is a stud though. cochery is more proven and reliable then sanders as well and while miller is sure handed he doens't have the down-field ability of dustin keller

D-line - Even hampton is a stud NT but the rest of the line is average. same with the jets. pohua has doen well and ellis can be a stud at time.
LBers - Steelers - jets have great LBers but the steelers have the best group in the league. all 4 are studs
CBs - Jets revis and cro are the best set in teh league and the depth is good too
S - Steelers. pala is the best in the game, jets safties are average

Special teams- Jets, jets returners led the league in return average and our punter tied the NFL record for punts inside the 20. Our kicker is sketchy though.

Coaching???? i'd love to lean towards tomlin cause he has a ring, but rex's gameplan the past 2 weeks to confuse to HOFers is amazing. Ben is good but isn't on manning/brady level. This is a tough call so i won't make one lol
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