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Default Re: Hello Steelers Fans

Originally Posted by sarahpalinhater View Post
Thanks. And Congrats to your team as well. As much as I do think you have an advantage in the ST return area, I fail to find one other aspect of the game that the Jets have over us. Not Defense that's for sure. Not more experience. Not better coaching. Not better at QB that's really for sure. Our best two players on offense & defense were out of the first game. And Troy has a History of having huge first games against past USC QB's..( Look it up )

So, in your opinion, not withstanding fluke, Act of God errors by us, how do you see the Jets winning ?
Absolutely. remember how that past crushed us 45-3 and nobody gave us a chance? the playoffs is a whole different animal and the steelers are gonna see a defense completely different to what we did the 1st time. rex has put together a gameplan to confuse brady and manning in back to back weeks

also how do you figure the injuries? you had ben, wallace, mendenhall, ward, sanders basically your whole offense. who were you missing?

on D you missed troy, but who else? i mean you had woodly, harrison, timmons, hampton, farrior. ALso try doens't look healthy. he got owned by ray rice last game. if he's playing on a bum foot he isn't teh same player

Originally Posted by Steelerfreak58 View Post
Gonna be a far different game with #83 and #43 in the game this time around.
we will see. is it sunday yet?

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
Welcome to the boards! We're happy to engage in some good football talk and good smack talk with you lol.

Keep the light stuff in the Steelers section though, and hard smack talk in the Blast Furnace....thanks!
got it

Originally Posted by PhantomJB93 View Post
I actually hope they do, it will make victory all the more sweeter
lol, trash talk seems to work for the jets
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