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Default Re: Hello Steelers Fans

Originally Posted by sarahpalinhater View Post
How about the leagues BEST TE in the game, Heath Miller ? Or did you forget about him ? Not to mention we had all our other TE's out, or very injured. And Miller is Ben's safety valve target. Especially in the Red Zone area. And as for the playoffs being another thing, what, you think WE don't know that ? You think Ryan is better at formulating a defense then Dick Lebeau ?....
i mentioned miller. best in the game? come on don't be a homer. he's not even close to what gates or witten is.

Also the jets have a dam good TE too

Keller has been in the league 3 years and has more yards and catches then miller has had in his 1st 3 years. also this season keller has more yards then miller has had in 5 out of his 6 years
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