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Default Re: Hello Steelers Fans

Originally Posted by sarahpalinhater View Post
Actually, Troy is not the greatest tackler in the world. He admits it himself. However, he is a HUGE Game-changing safety who is second to no one when it comes to reading a QB's eyes, and anticipating the pass. And at jumping the LOS to apply quick pressure on a QB. And if, IF you believe Troy had a bad game against Baltimore,,,what are the chances you think he will have 2 in a row ? Allow me to answer that on behalf of ASLL Steeler fans here....NONE! Not a chance in the world.
And Troy LOVES to terrorize USC QB's

So I would be VERY afraid if I were you.
in no way am i diminishing how good of a player troy is. I think he's the best safety in the league but the jets have 2 very good WRs in BE and holmes and he can only help over 1. i expect sanchez to be smart and not challenge troy, same way i expect big ben to not challenge revis
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