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Default Re: Hello Steelers Fans

Originally Posted by MACH1 View Post
And still won against a far superior ratbird defense.
Their D is better at rushing the passer and stopping the run, but were way better in the back end. our nickel CB would be a #1 on their team. they don't have any good Cbs and reed can only make up for so much. and their other sfaety webb is horrible

Originally Posted by sarahpalinhater View Post
First off, Ben totally abused Revis and Cromartie in game 1, or did you miss that ? And second, Troy never lines up on a single WR. It is Impossible to look at film on us and figure Troy out...Impossible. And Sanchez is horrible at reading defenses. We have great defensive talent for sure. But, our approach without Troy is 100 % different, and not as hard to disect. Trust me, the Jets coaching staff is scared stiff of Troy P.
lol toasted revis? hines ward had 2 catches for 34 yards and 1 was in a zone coverage and the other was short on a 3rd and long that we gave him as we played the 1st down marker.

Wallace got the better of cromartie but revis locked down ward as usual. I expect revis to cover wallace this time around
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