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Default Re: Ravens-Steelers Post Game Tragedy.

BREAKING NEWS: Another unfortunate catastrophe has befallen the Baltimore Ravens. At approximately 6 pm this evening, law enforcement officials were called to a grisly scene today at the Ronald McDonald House located at 1101 Russell St. in Baltimore, MD.

Terrence Cody, defensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens, has been arrested and charged in the eating death of a small child after he apparently went berserk and ran amok in downtown Baltimore. Witnesses say Cody was running down the street, stopping every 5 feet to catch his breath, and screaming incoherent obscenities in regards to the Ravens' playoff loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Saturday. He has been accused of snatching a small unidentified child from a bus stop near Camden Yards and devouring him greedily in front of hundreds of horrified bystanders.

Teammates, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said Cody appeared extremely dejected and hungry following the loss to the Steelers, seemed to have a break from reality and snapped. He stampeded out of the Ravens locker room in Pittsburgh and was not on the team bus back to the hotel following the game. A team spokesman said he was not seen or heard from by the team until the incident earlier this evening.

Cody is being held in the Baltimore City Detention Center pending a psychiatric evaluation and stomach pumping for evidence.


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