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Here's my first post..

Ben sucks????? what in the hell kinda crack are you all smokin.. I mean really.. coming from a team that is a perennial bottom feeder in the league, to a team that has alittle potential and now all of the sudden ur talking smack on a team that is perenially a playoff team? Gimme a break please and stop trying to sound like you have the slightest clue what you are talking about.

15-1 last year, yeah thats just terrible..
Rookie of the year, yeah that just sucks too
#1 overall defense in the league.. oh my
HOF running back and the best running game in the league.. that's horrific
4 time Pro bowl WR, and 4 time 1000 yd receiver.. no doubt, thats nothing..

need I go on? I think not.. please, support your team and cheer for the players and coaches like any self respecting fan does, but dont make such ridiculous statements that causes us new comers to your forum to think you have zero football intelligence.
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