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and here's mine in the mods response to cleve's thread!!

Originally Posted by Bengal Dave
Now that I moved your useless post to the smack forum. You stupid rectum ranger. How dare you come here and bash the Bengals? Boomer?? Lil ben couldnt suck Boomer's jock pal. I hope to see alot of your ass around. So I can punk your lil ass out a few times aday. Now take your little yellow towel and tie it around your neck and pull up real hard and fast.

Thats a real intelligent post there Mr. Moderator.. I can see you take your cues from your anally placed thumb!!! How dare us come in and bash the bengals? this is a smack talk forum is it not? WE have a right to our opinion about how much we know your team sucks as you do to support your team. You're adding to the already poor intelligence vibes this place gives off. Where in the shit did you get your moderator title, from a cracker jack box?

Show some common sense and moderating skills and stop bashing new people in a thread designed just for that.
'This is really getting interesting...

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