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Default I really Hate this world sometimes

God! Fans, I just watched this program on the BET network from 11AM to 11:30 AM PST, and they had these guys on talking about this weekends games. One was Kevin Frazier, and he was going on about how he hopes the Steelers lose, and that the leagues biggest event, the Super Bowl does not need to see a guy like Ben Roethlisberger in that game. He said that Ben has no Character. Said that it was ONLY because he was White, and the way society lets White Athletes who commit crimes like the way Ben did get away with it, and said that players like Michael Vick, who Frazier said that there was never any concrete eveidence that Vick ever did the things he was accused of get railroaded. Those were his exact words...railroaded by the legal system. I mean JESUS people,,,Vick admitted his own guilt in this. His money back in 2001 before he was drafted started up this venture of Dog fighting.

And yet he says Vick got railroaded. He said Vick is a symbol of his people, and yet the league didn't allow HIM to go on in the playoffs. But said that they let Ben go on....Huh ? I mean people, is this what the world is all about ? I seriously thought about looking up BET's phone number, and calling them to complain. This type of talk is counterproductive. And it is not fair to Ben who was never charged with anything. But yet Vick, who WAS Guilty, is said to be a symbol for his people.

I am Happy we are in the AFCCG this weekend fans. But I am also very very depressed about this. It makes me sad, and mad at the same time. And the sadder thing is is IF Pittsburgh wins this Sunday, and goes to the Super Bowl, you just KNOW more conversation about this is going to take place. There will be Ignorant fans continuing to call Ben Rapelisberger. And there will likely be many women in Dallas, looking to see if they can make a " Bogus " claim about Ben JUST to get their own 15 minutes of fame. I half expect to see some woman down in Dallas with Gloria Allred, having a press conference saying that at a restaurant, Ben pinched Gloria's client in the Butt. But of course there will be NO Witnesses to this, or no camera images to back it up. But yet the entire world will say Ben did it, and is guilty, and should be suspended from playing in the game.

I hope I am wrong about this fans. But in reality. In the world that we live in, I doubt I am wrong.

Just so sad :-(
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