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Default Re: No way Sanchez comes in Pittsburgh and wins

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
Sanchez barely did anything in that game. He ran a TD in and didn't throw to any Steelers players. That's about it lol.

The safety play and KO return is what won that game for the Jets.

You are correct. I cant believe the credit i hear people giving this
kid for that win. he didnt lose the game, and we were unperpared
to play. We didnt even look ready to play. It made me sick to watch
as i broke down every play of that game

By the way ,does anybody fricken realize Ike Taylor
is one of the most underrated corners that has ever
played this game? I cant remember the last playoff game
this guy has`nt made at least a couple great , game saving
pass defenses. Ok , maybe he does have terrible hands
but ill take the package he brings to the table all day!!!
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