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Default Re: Ticket Price Question

Originally Posted by PhantomJB93 View Post
Does anybody know what the cheapest seats are for the AFC Championship at face value? Of all the resale tickets, the cheapest I can find are $240. I remember last week tickets could be found around $150 but went down as the week went on and weren't being sold at much above face value.

I guess what Im asking is, is there any chance of finding cheaper tickets from more generous people who aren't trying to make a profit (I remember the day of last Saturday there were a lot on Ticket Exchange under $120) or are all these $250 tickets actually priced around what the original asking price was (are the Championship tickets really almost twice as much as Divisional round ones?)?
You can live dangerously and hope scalpers want to unload around 6 p.m. on Sunday - I doubt you get face value online this week - even the Steelers have only had 10 home games (an insane number - by way of comparison in Atlanta that number is zero) to go to the Super Bowl

StubHub is offering $237 tonight

It's the AFC championship - folks want to be there

Could be worse - you could be a Bears fan

Bears vs. Packers: The hottest ticket in Chicago sports history, brokers say,1653441.story
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